Guide for shoe fitting

  • Generally, feet are a little larger at the end of the day. Preferably try your shoes on in the late afternoon or evening when your feet have had a chance to expand.
  • Always try on both shoes (left and right). In most cases, feet are not the exact same size. Always buy a pair of shoes that fits your larger foot and in most cases it fits fine on the smaller foot. If not, you can always contact us for tongue pads and other support accessories that can improve fit.
  • Try your shoes on while standing. Feet are generally bigger when you stand upright.
  • When trying on shoes, take your time. Never buy shoes in a hurry. Use this time to walk around and feel if they are your perfect fit. If you are not sure about them, ask for advice in the shop or try on another pair.
  • Shoes do NOT get longer with time. Please never buy a shoe that is too small. We at Cara Rosa use very supple leathers such that the leather will take the model of your feet and fit like a second skin. This means that only the width of the shoe will fit better over time, however, the length of your shoes will never change.
  • Pay attention to your toes. Your toes need proper space in the shoe. Try wiggling them and feel if they are stuck against each other or if they have space. If they are pressed against each other, this is not a good sign and you should try on a bigger size. We do have half sizes, because we want what's best for your feet.
  • When trying on shoes, always close them. Use the zipper, tie the laces tightly or fasten the straps. Try to walk around with the shoes closed and feel if they are too tight or too loose. In case of shoelaces or straps, you can adjust them how you like. If zippers don't close or are too big when closed, try on another size.