Cara Rosa offers elegant shoes with sneaker insoles and a 5 cm heel to let you enjoy "la dolce vita", day and night.

Cara Rosa brings comfort, elegance and innovation to every woman’s feet

Cara Rosa’s innovation strategy is to combine comfort and elegance into one shoe in order to give every woman the opportunity to feel and look good at the same time. Cara Rosa promises the best of both worlds by using seamlessly integrated sneaker soles and a maximum 5 cm heel in combination with graceful lines, rich colours and luxurious materials.

This inner sole sets itself apart from other soles by its extremely low level of compression (< 5%), which provides effective cushioning and maximum comfort all day long. The open-cell foam technology is used over the whole surface of the sole and functions best at a thickness of 3 mm: thick enough to guarantee comfort, but without sacrificing the aesthetics.



With love designed in Belgium & with passion made in Italy

Olivia recalls that a colleague at TOD's once told her:
"Each shoe is a unique work of art, an 'opera d’arte'. Because the manner in which we combine the right techniques and the right degree of precision with the right materials to create a harmonious and moving whole is clearly also a form of art..."

The Italians are past-masters in this art of shoemaking. The passion and perfection with which each element of a pair of shoes is made almost defies description. To craft a single pair of Cara Rosa shoes requires the input of no fewer than 35 different people, each one an expert in his or her own highly specialized field. Inside our two family businesses in the heart of Italy, the century-old tradition of artisanal shoe making is handed down from generation to generation. Our shoes are handmade in the Marche region, from start to finish.